Personal User Metrics and Data for Optimal Study Performance.

The Pro Platform is customized to ‘you’ and you only. We assist you by providing for you an up-to-date metrics and data report of your accomplishments and progress so you can see exactly what you have done and when you reviewed and studied each case brief, video lesson, outline section, and etc. All tailored to ‘your study habits’ and segmented by Course and by Topic.

Personal Time Management.

StudyBuddy Pro is your time management assistant. We keep track of not only the time you spend in the Pro Platform, but also keep track of the time you are spending on Case Briefs, Video Lessons, CaseCasts as a Study Tool Group and on the specific Study Tool as well. This ensures you are spending your time as efficiently as possible for optimal grade performance.

Personal Metrics On-the-Go

Keep track of your Progress and Time Management and access all Study Tools in the StudyBuddy Pro app!

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