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Another market first! Only Pro has a complete Series of hundreds of review Refresher Courses designed, developed and organized by esteemed Law Professors.

The Lesson.

Each Mini Course is prepared for you in an easy-to-review slide show. The slides will review with you what you need to know about the specific Topic and reinforce the key points for each Topic as well.

The Hypo and Model Answer

Then, after you have reviewed the Mini Course slide show, you will be presented with a Hypothetical essay question revolving around the Mini Course. Once submitting your answer, you will then be allowed to view the Professor’s Model Answer. Continuously reinforce Course Topics so you are prepared for exam success.

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Everything Pro is where you need us. All study tools from case briefs and CaseCasts to video lessons, quizzes and refresher courses are all available for you anytime and anywhere. Go Pro!

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