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Not your typical run-of-the-mill commercial outline! Pro’s Course Outlines are Exam Ready. Only written and developed by esteemed Law Professors, Pro’s Course Outlines are concise, Black Letter Law, interactive outlines that are specifically developed for exam preparation and mastery. Each Outline shares with you the Professor authoring the Outline so you can feel confident that you are learning from a legal master.


Pro’s Outlines are completely downloadable to your favorite word processor so you can easily customize and tailor the Outline to your specific class and Professor.


Built with Video Lesson and Case hyper-links, and an interactive Table of Contents, you can quickly find the topic you need, and view any associated Video Lessons and cases to ensure you are able to receive a complete understanding of the Topic.

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Everything Pro is where you need us. All study tools from case briefs and CaseCasts to video lessons, quizzes and refresher courses are all available for you anytime and anywhere. Go Pro!

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